Realty Check

Sarasota Real Estate Market Report for The Enclave, Villages at Pinetree

What are the consequences for borrowers that “walk-away”?

The lending industry and the government are taking aim at “walk-away” home owners who stop making payments and months later mail the house keys back to their lender. Read more…. 

Why do you think its broken?


You don’t like us, its been documented.


You’re going to go and buy the “new home” without me because you; 1. Think that you know what you’re doing. 2. You don’t want to work with a Realtor. 3. You’ve bought a home before and think you did alright.  4. You’ll wait until the last minute and then call in someone you know or just find the agent or builder that is looking to get the most money out of you that they can. 


You see, studies have shown that the view of the real estate profession is rated as low as a used car salesperson.  Sure, they’re out there.  Unethical sales people that look only after their own interest exist, its no surprise.  There is always a bad apple in the bunch.


Don’t Be Shy!  Qualify me!  Interview me! Check my testimonials and call my past clients to screen me!  I have no problems with you “Google-ling me”.  Check to verify my Florida Real Estate Broker License.


Professionals use Professionals!  You should never be unrepresented when buying or selling real estate.


Things you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to know:


  1. Negotiation
  2. Closing costs
  3. Possession
  4. Title search abstract history
  5. Home inspections
  6. Closing date negotiation
  7. Escrow and earnest deposits
  8. Setbacks
  9. Easements
  10. Homeowner Associations
  11. Covenants and deed restrictions
  12. Homeowners Insurance
  13. Flood Zones
  14. Repair costs
  15. Home warranty
  16. Clauses
  17. Contingencies
  18. Addendums
  19. Consulting a Real Estate Attorney
  20. Your rights to access the property while under contract
  21. Renting or leasing your property
  22. Lease options
  23. Mold inspections
  24. Financing
  25. Property survey
  26. Title policy
  27. Property taxes, old and new
  28. Whose representing the seller
  29. Mortgage application
  30. Comparative Market Analysis (where are you going to get the sold data if its not in the MLS?)
  31. Sellers disclosure
  32. Buyers disclosure
  33. HUD statement
  34. Foreclosure
  35. Short Sale
  36. Condominium Documents
  37. Right of recession
  38. Liens and lis pendens
  39. Walk thru
  40. Loan commitment
  41. Loan approval
  42. Pre-payment penalty
  43. Recast option in your mortgage
  44. Paying points
  45. Encroachments
  46. Hazard insurance
  47. Single Agent representation
  48. Federal Fair Housing Law

I can only help you.  The rest is up to you.  I hope you’ll contact me to assist you with your real estate needs. 

7 Comments on “Realty Check”

  1. R. B. Shafer Says:

    If I could work in Sarasota, I’d be all over this place. If the house doesn’t get ya’, that music will. Another great listing by a real Pro!

  2. Thanks Mr. Shafer. Can I call you about that oceanfront property? Your boat will have deep water access. Happy New Year!

  3. R. B. Shafer Says:

    I finally sold the boat, so that is no longer an issue. Thanks for following up, Bill.

  4. ncluxuryhomes Says:

    You bring up an important point about real estate and home prices. The media often refers to real estate as if it is a homogenous commodity with events affecting real estate across the board. As you and I know, all real estate is not created equal. You indicated that the Sarasota real estate market is doing better than the Florida market. What many people fail to realize is that real estate prices and values and desirability can vary even over a small town or area. Applying such terms as buyer’s market or seller’s market too broadly can have disastrous results. As one of 3 offers on a house in Charlotte in 2007, the first day on the market, our final bid was above asking price
    in a so called buyer’s market.

  5. Bill Travers Says:

    Thank you for your post.

    Very true and great insight. Our mission is to educate potential buyers of real estate, as well as the press, on these indicators. I have mixed feelings about median price reports. They don’t give enough detail to the local market activity. However, the press always uses this in their reports.

    Great schools, strong commerce centers, local amenities and other variables, bring more activity to specific locations of real estate than others.

  6. northcarolinabroker Says:

    I have been listening to mainline media for over a year portraying the
    overall real estate market as bad and the economy as being in a tailspin.
    Now the politicians are doing the same thing. When I hear generalizations or
    claims that seem preposterous, I always question the motives.
    Now for a reality check. Interest rates are incredibly low. Anyone with a job
    and decent credit can get a loan. Real estate bargains abound. I look at real
    estate in the Sarasota FL area and over much of NC and I believe that anyone not taking advantage of the current market conditions is making a
    big mistake. I bought a cottage at the Outer Banks of NC years ago when
    the prices were a real steal and interest rates were low. It was a no brainer.
    Similar conditions exist today. Carpe Diem.

  7. northcarolinabroker Says:

    Want to own a summer home in Florida and a winter home in NC? Want to play golf in 2 of the best places in the world, Florida and North Carolina? Skybus makes this easier and very affordable. Greensboro NC has direct flights to 3 cities in Florida. One is Punta Gorda, midway between
    Sarasota and Fort Myers.

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